Carrying (Shopping/Advertising) bags
T-shirt carrying bags
This type of bag is suitable for packing and carrying of various products. Depending of its usage it can be produced in a very small size up to 80 cm high and from a very thin to a strong and durable thick material.
Due to the side gussets it results in greater volume, therefore larger objects can be easily carried.

Soft loop handle carrying bags
This type of bag is a uniquely contsructed product. The loop handle makes it possible to pack and carry items of greater weight. Due to the eight colour printing technology, the highest demands of printing can be made.
The soft loop handle carrying bag is also an excellent advertising surface.

Patch handle carrying bags
The patch handle carrying bag can be produced in various contsructions: it can be made with side gusset, without reinforcement and reinforced with bending back.

Carrying bags made with side gusset can provide space for larger objects and boxes. Bags without reinforcement is a cost effective version, however it can not hold heavier or larger items. Carrying bags reinforced with bending back has a strong cabality even if the foil is thinner.